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Many Muslims offer Umrah and Hajj every year. Those who can’t achieve this milestone, they think that these people are very lucky. But I would like to tell you that the Euro Africa Travel agency is providing cheapest Umrah packages for those people who think that they are not lucky, who thinks that they cannot do Umrah in their whole life due to shortage budget.

Umrah is actually a Tawaf or a visit to a populated place; the Tawaf in Arabic language means complete the circles around the KABA. This act is followed by SAI performed between AL-SAFA and AL-Marah in Sharia. This is done after assuming ihram, in a place in hills. Umrah is sometimes called as Minor Pilgrim or it can also be called as lesser pilgrim in other languages.

Spirituality plays a very vital and crucial role in every religion. It is respected throughout. The same is with Umrah and Hajj. They both are deeply worshipped by Muslims all over the world. Out of the many Umrah packages, the cheapest Umrah package is preferable by all. Choosing wisely is a difficult task. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year regardless of the seasons or anything.

Umrah in general terms means a “visit”. In Islam, Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca. For a cheap Umrah 2014, subscribe with us and register your email address with us so that we can contact you for further details and confirmation of your tickets. Umrah with us will now be performed at very low rates visit our website. We provide this service from all over the country at reasonable rates.