Cheap Umrah Flights are Available

Cheap Umrah Flights are Available

Many Muslims are trying to perform Umrah as it is highly recommended on Religion, Islam. The Euro Africa Travel agency is providing their services and facilities to help those who are not in such a case to do Umrah. So, keeping this thing in mind, this agency is trying to provide cheap packages with their flights. Also, those who have not visited to Holy Kaaba, they have a great chance of doing Umrah by coming to this agency, get the advantages of cheap packages and achieve your milestone. The Euro Africa travel agency is providing their cheap Umrah flights to the people all around the world. Well, All the Muslims know about the obligation of Umrah, as there are two types of Umrah. One is performed it as a part of Hajj and Second one is performed it an individual not as a part of Hajj.

So, those who have desired to perform Umrah in slightly less amounts. They must visit the Euro Africa travel agency that is participating their good resources in front of their users and clients. Also, many other airlines are contributing their role in it. Turkish airline is doing its best in it. Let see some of its packages. First, return flight with Turkish airline. Then air conditioned accommodation is available for 4 to 6 people in Makkah. Then, in Medina, there is also accommodation for 4 to 5 people in a three star hotel. Complimentary lunch and dinner is also a part of a package of 5 days. Other facilities like Pillow, Sofa beds, tea, refreshments are also available for the pilgrims. This agency is also providing you a travel guide for the English and Arabic people. The pre Hajj or Umrah seminar is also held for the people, so that they perform their Umrah quite easily.

Their departure date will be on October, 8 2014 and return dates will be on October, 23 2014. We know very well about the purpose of Umrah, it can be undertaken at any time of the year. In Umrah, Muslims do Tawaf and Sa’i between Al Sawaf and Al Marwah. This whole process is performed wearing Ihram. Now, I would like to explain the Umrah rituals. First, perform a Tawaf, it means to circle the Kaaba seven times in an anticlockwise direction. Then next step is to perform Sa’i, which means rapidly walking seven times back and forth between the two beautiful mountains of Safa and Marwah. Then the last step is to perform Halq, means that cutting of your hairs. These are the rituals that complete the Umrah, and the pilgrims can choose to go out of Ihram.

Choosing the Euro Africa travel agency is profitable for those who are in search for Cheap Umrah flights. So, come and visit this agency, find out the solution to their problem and get the advantages of these packages. If you have any kind of problem and trouble then visit it online or to contact this agency.

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