Cheap Umrah Package 2014

Cheap Umrah Package 2014

Umrah is a non-mandatory holy expedition fulfilled by Muslims from one place in Mecca. It can be performed at any time of the year. There is no fixed time to perform it. It all depends on your situations. That’s why it is considered as one of the most holy pilgrimage. To perform Umrah, we offer cheap Umrah packages. The Cheap Umrah Package 2014 if booked now will incur you extra benefits in cheap ticket fares.These packages are offered by different travel agencies which are not quite often as compared to the Hajj (performed at a specific time of the year). Still extracting the best of benefits we can provide our customers a happy journey.

Umrah is easy to perform as compared to Hajj since there is no such boundation Still Umrah requires time to devote completely. Umrah involves the resources of Tawaf and Sa`i with ihram without having to sacrifice anything just like it’s done in Hajj.

We are one of the certified agencies in providing cheap Umrah packages. Our packages vary from luxurious to cheap packages. They include staying in luxury hotels and economy hotels that offer just the mandatory services and facilities to perform Umrah. So, from these offers, choose appropriately the package you want depending upon your budget. Every year we offer new and reasonable packages. This time the Cheap Umrah Package 2014 will not leave you empty-handed.

Before choosing a package, keep in mind the following:

  • Distance from your hotel that you want to book to Haram since on a daily basis you’d have to offer prayers.
  • Lesser the distance, higher the cost of the hotel.
  • A Certified travel agencies. Keep away from the fraud travel agencies who tend to offer the cheapest ticket price which include the most expensive hotels and so on. Such travel agencies will ask for an advance before booking the tour.
  • Never pay the full amount in advance. As a security, go to agencies that allow half the payment and never the full payment in advance before the tickets are booked.
  • Non-certified travel agencies will never provide the promised facilities and as a result, pilgrims have to face lot many difficulties on their expedition.
  • Identifying the certified and reputed companies is not a tough task. Just simply open up their site and read the reviews and testimonials throughout and make a decision accordingly.
  • The travel agencies who do not meet the standards of Umrah packages tend to get banned by the government itself.

Our Umrah package for 2014 starts from today itself and we promise you with utmost safety and security throughout your journey. We will take care of the rituals that you’ll perform there without any hassles and troubles. All you have to do is just be ready on time and co-operate with us accordingly. Some of our packages include the transport facility (pick and drop) from the hotel to Haram also. We make sure your Umrah journey is the most memorable one. Click Here

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