Cheap Umrah Packages 2014

Cheap Umrah Packages 2014

Umrah is the path to spirituality and divinity via a pilgrimage. It can be accomplished and executed at any time of the year unlike the Hajj which has a particular time and needs more than 4-5 months of prior booking.

Bookings for cheap Umrah packages 2014 have opened now and will last till the end of 2014 since Umrah is such an expedition which can be executed at any time of the year. You can even optionally customize your packages and wait for the quotation to be sent by the travel agencies. The customization process includes:

Answering the following:

  •       Since the tour includes Mecca and Medina both, how many days would you like to spend in Mecca as well as               Medina?
  •       What tour package would you like to select? First, Deluxe or Economy class?
  •       What sort of a hotel would you prefer to stay in? A 3, 4, 5 or 7 star hotel?
  •       Number of members to be travelling with you, including you?
  •       Number of infants, adults & senior citizens?
  •       Room sharing in the hotel would be preferred as a double or a triple or something else?
  •       *At what distance your hotel shall be situated from the Haram?
  •       What’s your preferred budget?
  •       What are your tentative travel dates?
  •       What is your departure city, country, and continent?
  •       Complete details of every passenger travelling with you ( Name, age, gender, address, contact No. with STD and       ISD codes, Marital status, occupation, Nationality )
  •       What type of food would you favor – Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian?
  •       What is the number of members who require any special attention? ( Wheelchair etc. )
  •       Issue date and expiry date of passport along with passport Number

*- More the distance of the hotel, cheaper the hotel rates

Kindly fill in the enquiry form initially so that we can get in touch with you as soon as possible.  We provide 24 x 7 customer service.  Like and share our Facebook page and spread the cheap Umrah packages 2014 worldwide. Add points to your cart every time you perform Umrah via us for every member. You can redeem these points for refreshments, eatables, toys or even for duty free shopping.

The testimonials speak about the quality of Umrah attained by a travel agency for customers. Kindly read them for every travel agency and choose wisely the ones with whom you would like to perform Umrah or even Hajj or both. Reputation of agencies matter a lot since they are being held responsible for Umrah that’s performed on their expedition.

Umrah and Hajj both are very sacred and divine in their own places. Hajj is performed at a particular time of the year whereas Umrah can be attained at any time of the year. Men are supposed to get bald to perform it and have to cover themselves in a white piece of cloth. Hajj requires the sacrifice of something that’s why it is considered to be very difficult whereas Umrah does not need any sacrifice to be made.

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