Cheapest Packages of Umrah 2014

Cheapest Packages of Umrah 2014

Many Muslims offer Umrah and Hajj every year. Those who can’t achieve this milestone, they think that these people are very lucky. But I would like to tell you that the Euro Africa Travel agency is providing cheapest Umrah packages for those people who think that they are not lucky, who thinks that they cannot do Umrah in their whole life due to shortage budget. For these types of people, I must say that now, you have a chance to reach to this milestone, just come to the Euro Africa travel agency and enjoy the cheapest rates on the journey.

Many people find hindrances and difficulties to get some cheap packages for their Umrah trip. Also, many of them do not have any idea about cheapest packages. Or many are thinking about it, but the opportunity is not reachable. In short, for these types of people, the Euro Africa travel agency is offering different packages of Umrah at extremely cheap rates. Just visit the official site of this agency and you will find out the Umrah related packages at low cost. Also, there are some other kind of people that think, these kind of agencies are totally fake.

These are used for the wrong purpose. So those who think such kind of stuff, I would like to mention that this agency (Euro Africa travel agency) is a UK based agency and approved by the Ministry of Hajj. It is a registered company and registered in England. It is a world-wide famous and most progressive travel agency in the world. On the site of this agency, you will see many groups and their details and contact numbers. Many other airlines are participating their roles and services with this agency. As we all know that Umrah is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended in Islam. It can be undertaken at any time all the year. Whereas, Hajj cannot be performed or untaken at any time. It is just performed in the last month of the Islamic calendar.

Moreover, there are two types of Umrah. Al Umrat al Mufradah and Umrat al Tammatu. First one is referred to such Umrah that is undertaken independently of Hajj. And the second one that is performed or undertaking in conjunction with Hajj. Also, Umrah is an Arabic word that means “to visit a populated place”. There are also some rituals of Umrah. First one is, to perform a Tawaf, which consist of circling around the Holy Kaaba and the number of circles are seven. Also, their direction of circling is anti-clock wise direction.

Then the next step is, Sa’i, which means walking fast seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah. Then last step is to perform a Halq, which means the cutting of hair. These are the basic rituals of Islam. If you have any kind of problem, just visit the official site of this agency and get the advantages of the cheapest packages of Umrah and much more.

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