Cheapest Umrah Package

Cheapest Umrah Package

Going for Umrah is considered a very holy and sacred journey that is done by the Muslims.  Umrah has no specified time as to when it should be performed. It can be undertaken at any time of the whole year. This in turn makes it easy for the pilgrims to undergo this devotional journey anytime.

There are many travel agencies who offer quiet attractive packages to Mecca for Umrah but our agency is sure to present you with the Cheapest Umrah Package. These packages are specially defined keeping in mind your requirements and comfort.

Our agency provides cheapest Umrah package for either 7 days or 14 days, whichever is opted for by the pilgrims. For the bookings of tickets and application of Visa to Mecca (Saudi), you would be required to deposit your passports along with 2 passport size photographs and the application form including your basic details.

Below we summarize basic conditions and features regarding our cheapest Umrah package. Visit our website to book your umrah package 2014.

  • Our agency plans the tour in groups or batches which will help provide the cheapest Umrah package.
  • Visa to the Saudi will be arranged by us inclusive of the necessary stamps.
  • Travelers will be informed before hand at what time they are expected to reach the airport for departure.
  • We have packages divided into deluxe and economy class. Deluxe class packages carry a higher price as compared to the economy class.
  • Rooms are arranged with the hotels by our agency and will be allotted to the pilgrims as per their package opted for.
  • Luggage that is allowed to each passenger is pre decided and is limited. The same is mentioned on the tickets and informed to you beforehand. If the luggage weight increases the predefined weight then this will be chargeable and the same will be bared by the passenger.
  • The hotel rooms differ as per the packages. This means the deluxe and economy class will be having rooms with different facilities.
  • A tour guide is arranged by our agency that will be present throughout the Umrah so that this spiritual journey is a hassle free one for you.
  • Laundry services are given to deluxe class passengers. In case of any such requirements by the economy class, the same will be charged as per the hotel charges.
  • Complimentary Breakfast, lunch and dinner for one day is included along with the package, whereas for the rest you will be required to incur your personal expenses.
  • Once deposited, the amount of the whole package is not refundable under any conditions.
  • Passengers are requested not to carry any kind of weapons or any punishable instruments, since the same can be taken under investigation.
  • Any changes subject to the dates or time of the journey will be informed days prior to the journey.
  • Our agency does not undertake any additional expenses during the journey (except if already specified in the terms and conditions.)
  • We will not be held responsible for any kind of loss of your valuables.

We therefore ensure and wish you a safe and a pleasant journey.

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