Cheapest Umrah Packages

Cheapest Umrah Packages

Umrah is performed by the Muslims. It is basically a pilgrimage to Mecca. Umrah can be done by Muslims any time of the year. Umrah is a minor Pilgrimage as compared to Hajj. Although it is not considered compulsory for anyone but yes Umrah is highly recommended and undertaken by a high number of people.

There are certain rituals that take place during Umrah. It is believed that when a person performs Umrah, he is visiting the house of Allah and hence all their wishes are granted.  Believers say that Umrah is the more recommendable when performed during the month of Ramadan.

People who opt to go for the Umrah would always look for Cheapest Umrah Packages.  Considering the requirements of the devotees we offer to provide them with the Cheapest Umrah Package prepared keeping in mind the Umrah devotees.

Our Cheapest Umrah Packages include the below facilities and benefits:

  • The tour will be available in a seven day package, ten day package and 14 day packages.
  • There are various types of Classes of Packages and these are:
    • Deluxe Class: Although this is a high priced package but it offers customized services along with best facilities for devotees.
    • Second Class: In this class we offer the best and comfortable facilities at comparatively lesser rates than the deluxe class.
    • Economy Class: As compared to both Deluxe and Second class, Economy class comes with the least rates with optimal services.
  • We offer the best of hotels varying from 3 stars to 5 star Hotel with the best rates of rooms as per the requirements of the devotees. Now these rooms differ on the criteria of double bed or single bed, Air conditioned room or non air conditioned room, mini refrigerator or non refrigerator room.
  • We also provide Visa to the Saudi which will include the completion of all the necessary stamps required. This means as far as the Visa issues are concerned, it is all handled by us where the devotees will have no involvement in any hustles relating to the Visa.
  • All time Tour guides will be available to the devotees in order the guide them correctly throughout the Umrah so that no question of misguidance arises.
  • Refreshments along with breakfast, lunch and dinner as per the terms and conditions predetermined and on some day buffet is also made available to the devotees.
  • A welcome kit is given to each person which will include a bag, an I card, etc.
  • We also provide everybody with a Saudi sim card in order to make sure that the devotees stay connected with their home town.
  • Complementary services such as coffee, tea, milk pouches are made available timely.
  • Laundry services are present at every hotel but may vary as per the packages offered.

These are the features overview of our packages Click Here to read more about umrah packages. By offering the cheapest Umrah packages, we have been able to attract more and more devotees to opt for our packages.

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