Important obligations that validate your Umrah

Important obligations that validate your Umrah

Umrah is not like the other obligation and practices you perform daily in your life commonly. It is a little different and sometimes complicated for the people. This is because it is not a regular practice made by the Muslims then in the beginning they are required to have the proper training and classes about it. After a lot of effort this might be possible that you made some kind of mistakes but there are some important obligations of Umrah that you have to perform as it is with accuracy to make your Umrah validate.


Ihram is considered as the uniform that is directed by Allah Almighty to wear while offering Umrah or Hajj. When you are on Umrah trip then you should have Ihram along with you, it is not necessary to wear it all the time but when performing Umrah then you should wear it. For men it contains on two simple white color sheets and for women it is a white gown the cover their clothes and body completely only their hands, feet and face will be visible.


After wearing your Ihram by taking a show and cutting nails the second thing you do is Tawaf, it is about to walk speedily around the Holy Kabba seven times that you will start from the Hijr-e-Aswad. At this time you simply recite some Holy verses and do make prays as well.


After completing your Tawaf the next thing that matters is the Sa’I, it is about completing seven rounds in between two hills Safa and Marwah. These are popular because of the mother of Prophet Ismail (RA). All the people who visit Holy Kabba for the purpose of Umrah or Hajj are directed to do Sa’I in the memory of his mother.

Hair cutting

After completing your Sa’I you have required to cut down your hairs, this is another important obligation you have to perform other wise your Umrah will not be completed. For men it is order to shave their hairs completely and for women they have to cut almost 2 inches of their hairs from the bottom.

Some secondary actions

Apart from these important obligations there are some other actions that if you perform during Umrah then you will get benefit and you can also perform them randomly during your visit to Holy Kabba.

Drink Aab-e-ZamZam

Aab-e-ZamZam the purest water in the world and it does have a great Islamic history as well; it is a kind of miracle by Hazrat Ismail (RA) in their early childhood.

Say Nafal prayer at Muqam e Ibrahim and in Hatim

These are the tow positions that are really very important and saying Nafal prayers at these places carries too much reward as well. When you get a chance then do it for sure.

Bhosa – e- Hijr-e- Aswad

Hijr-e-Aswad is a stone from the Heaven that absorb all of your sins and make you free form them like a new born. You should do it as well when you get chance but be careful as well because the place has a great hustle.

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