Important Things for Performance of Umrah

Important Things for Performance of Umrah

Hajj and Umrah have a great importance for Muslims in Islam. Muslims have a desire to perform Umrah and Hajj as these are the scared obligations of Islam. There are a main difference between Umrah and hajj. Hajj is an obligation for those Muslims who have the capability to perform the Hajj. It means they must have the physically and monetary capabilities to perform Hajj. The person, who is physically fit and has the resources to bear all the expenses during hajj, must perform Hajj once in the lifetime. On the other hand, Umrah is not an obligation as Hajj.

 A person performs Umrah to refresh the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Hajj and Umrah resembles each other according to their rights except few differences. Hajj is performed on 10th Zull-Hajj. Hajj is performed in the 12th month of Islamic calendar whereas Umrah can be performed throughout the year. Muslims from all over the world can visit Makah and Madina to perform Umrah at any time. Few things must be kept in mind before performing Umrah so that you can perform this religious obligation with peace of mind and feel convenient. Some main points are as follows:

Firstly you have to choose a proper Umrah package for you. Umrah packages vary from high cost packages to low cost packages. You can choose your Umrah package according to your stay during Umrah and your financial position. In high cost packages high standard accommodation and transport facilities are offered. While low cost packages offered only necessary accommodation and there is no any luxurious.  A low price Umrah package doesn’t mean that these provide you low standard facilities. These also provide all the necessary facilities but no any luxurious. You should choose your Umrah package according to your budget so that you can perform this religious obligation with peace of mind and can enjoy all the spiritual benefits in the Holy cities Makah and Madina.

Secondly you have to choose a travel company. Now a day a lot of travel companies are providing Umrah packages. You have to choose a company which is trustworthy and also provide you a proper Umrah package. For this purpose you can visit your friends and relatives who already have performed Umrah. They can guide you and help you in choosing a trustable travel company. By choosing a trustworthy travel company you can avoid many difficulties during Umrah and can perform Umrah with all its spiritual benefits.

One more important thing you should ensure that the hotel must be near the Haram-e-Kaabah. Some travel companies provide you luxurious accommodations but the hotel is far from the Haram-e-Kaabah. In this way you have to walk on foot o a long distance which is very difficult for an old person or female. If you are visiting with your family so you should ensure that the room you are given is a private room or a shared room. It is better to choose a separate room so that you and your family can stay easily and can perform all your obligations during Umrah with the complete peace of mind.  It is also important to ask for all the important information from your travel agency while asking for Cheap Umrah Package.

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