Method To Perform Umrah 2014 (Part 1)

Method To Perform Umrah 2014 (Part 1)

Umrah 2014; Method To Perform (Part – 1)

As we know that Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, there is no specific date or month it has to be done. Why not end this year with the intention of definitely performing Umrah next year (In Sha Allah). So Umrah 2014 it is! Once you have made this blessed intention of performing Umrah then you must research, read all you can about Umrah, the acts which are liked/disliked, what is to be done/not done.

To make this easier for you we have given you a set of steps (below) which you should aim to follow the best you can. NOTE: Please get in touch with an Islamic Scholar or the person who has performed Umrah before, in order to double – check the method is 100% correct.

Setting Off From Home For Your Journey Of Umrah 2014

  • Make sure you perform Ghusl (full bath)
  • Trim nails
  • If necessary – remove pubic hair
  • Offer Namaz of the time
  • Pray two rakaats of travelling Salah Nafl (before you leave)
  • When going out of the house say the following: (In the name of Allah, I place my trust in Allah, and there is no might nor power except with Allah.)
  • Read the travelling Dua before leaving:  (Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest, how perfect He is, The One Who has placed this (transport) at our service, and we ourselves would not have been capable of that, and to our Lord is our final destiny.)
  • During your journey keep yourself busy and in the remembrance of Allah, i.e.) make Dhikr, Dua, read Quran and Islamic Books, etc. This is the start of your journey and the second step (after the intention) to the House of Allah (SWT), and you should feel blessed you have this opportunity and are able to fulfil it, so Praise and Glorify Him.

Once you have left your home city for you Umrah 2014 journey, and the next Salah is due, you can combine and shorten them as this is an allowance from Allah (SWT).  Here are the Namaz’s and number of rakaats: Dhuhr – two rakaats. Asr – two rakaats. Maghrib – three rakaats and Isha – two rakaats. Reading as many Sunnah and Nafl as you like is preferred and there is no restriction to how many you are allowed to read. The second step is regarding Meeqat, this is the place where Umrah starts you enter the state of Ihram.

  • Men must get changed into their Ihram and make the intention for Umrah by saying the following: (Here I am O Allah making Umrah.)
  • After this you must recite the Talbiyah (when doing these men should raise their voices whilst women should quieten their tone) until you reach the Ka’bah and start you Tawaf: (Here I am, O Allah, here I am. Here I am. You have no partner. Here I am. Surely all praise, grace and dominion is yours, and you have no partner.)
  • When entering into Masjid – Al – Haram (in Makkah, Saudia Arabia) you should enter with your right foot and make the following Dua of the Masjid: (In the name of Allah! O Allah! Exalt the mention of your Messenger. O Allah! Forgive my sins, and open the gates of Your mercy for me.)
  • The next step is regarding Tawaf. You must be in wudhu (ablution) before performing the seven rounds around the Ka’bah. Men must leave their right shoulder bare during Tawaf (Idtiba’a) after the Tawaf, men must cover both shoulders.
  • The Tawaf must begin at the Hajar – e – Aswad (Black Stone), which must be kissed. If not then touched with the right hand.
  • Before kissing/touching the Black Stone you must say: Bismillah Allahu Akbar. Men should walk briskly for the first three rounds of Tawaf, then walk normally for the further four rounds.
  • Once you reach the Yamani corner, you should try to touch it with your right hand and again say: Bismillah Allahu Akbar. (If unable to touch this, you must continue without saying anything). From the Yamani corner to the Black Stone you must recite the following: (Our Lord, grant us good in this life and good in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of the Hellfire.)
  • Once you have reached the Black Stone, you have completed the first round and you need to repeat the above steps six more times to successfully complete your Tawaf. During the Tawaf, you can make as many supplications from your heart as you wish as there are no limits or restrictions.

For the full method of the complete process for completing you’re Umrah 2014 please read the part 2.

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