New Cheapest Umrah Packages

New Cheapest Umrah Packages

Umrah as compared to Hajj is a very easy devotional expedition to Mecca. It is done by the Muslims and is generally a pilgrimage that can be done by Muslims any time of the year.

It is a minor form of Hajj, which is difficult to perform since it requires the sacrifice of something precious.

Umrah is recommended to perform in the month of Ramadan since it is a very holy month and performing Umrah, then is the path to visit the house of Allah and believed that all the wishes are granted then.

Pilgrims who choose to perform Umrah would search everywhere for the cheapest Umrah packages. According to these pilgrims, travel agencies every year prepare various offers for a limited period of time, which are reasonable and include a maximum of benefits click here for more detail.

Cheapest Umrah Packages include:

  • 7 days, 10 days or 14 days stay depending upon the choice of the pilgrim.
  • Class in package:
    • First / Deluxe Class: This offers customized services along with best facilities for devotees.
    • Second Class: This offers comfortable facilities at comparatively lesser rates than the deluxe class except that the first class has the best quality of services.
    • Economy Class: As compared to both Deluxe and Second class, Economy class comes with the least rates with optimal services.
  • Such packages offer the best of hotels varying from 3 stars to 5 stars Hotel with the best rates of rooms as per the requirements of the devotees. Now these rooms differ on the criteria of double bed or single bed, Air conditioned room or non air conditioned room, mini refrigerator or non refrigerator room.
  • Common facilities and services in the deluxe class, second and economy class include:
  • 24 hours room service
  • Air-conditioned rooms (optional in economy)
  • Telephones that provide international calls’ facility (chargeable)
  • Locked Safe (to keep your belongings and important documents like passport, visa, tickets safe)
  • Electronic doors with card swiping system
  • Automatic electricity control when exiting the room or entering the room by just swiping the card
  • Highly designed elevators
  • Laundry services (free for first 10 pieces in deluxe class, first 5 pieces in second class and chargeable in economy class)
  • Televisions and mini-fridge in every room with limited complimentary drinks for deluxe class only.
  • All credit cards are accepted.
  • Multi-cuisine menus are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buffet system is included in all three classes. Pilgrims can enjoy mouth watering dishes of every country (Buffet only for breakfast in Economy class).

The official language in Mecca and Medina is Arabic. Yet tourists will not find any difficulty in language since English and French are also widely spoken.

The currency there is Saudi Riyal. It is best to exchange currency quite in advance since exchanging it at the last moment would be expensive at the airport.

Free Saudi SIMs are available for passengers at the airport which is valid for only a certain period of time.

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