Perform Cheapest Umrah Package 2014

Perform Cheapest Umrah Package 2014

Spirituality plays a very vital and crucial role in every religion. It is respected throughout. The same is with Umrah and Hajj.  Out of the many Umrah packages, the Cheapest Umrah Package 2014 is preferable by all. Choosing wisely is a difficult task. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, regardless of the seasons or anything.

Since there are multiple packages to choose from, the Cheapest Umrah Package 2014 shall not have any hidden costs. This is the truest representation of genuine travel operators. Such operators will never cheat their customers in terms of money or compromise on quality of facilities.

Booking for these Economy Umrah packages include few rules and regulations which the traveler has to follow.

  • One passenger is allowed to carry only one check-in baggage of 30 kgs of weight and a hand luggage of 7 kgs of weight.
  • It is advisable to get your currency converted to Saudi Riyals (Saudi Currency) before hand itself from getting them converted in the last moment would be very expensive.
  • Clearing immigration would take 5-6 hours so all passengers are requested to be patient and carry some eatables (snacks) with them in their hand luggage. Buses might take time to pick the passengers due to heavy traffic in the city.
  • A Xerox of all documents, including passports, visas, tickets are compulsory for every passenger to carry in their hand luggage.
  • Instead of mineral water, all pilgrims must drink ZamZam since it’s completely free and available everywhere in Mecca and Medina. You can fill up bottles with this pure drink that’s the purest form of water on earth while going for Namaaz.
  • Before traveling, deeply study the procedure of Umrah and Hajj. Contact those people who have performed them in their life and can even watch videos of them online. One can read on the net about performing Umrah and Hajj.
  • The weather in Mecca and Medina is very hot, so passengers are requested to carry sunscreen lotions, sunglasses, woolen clothes etc.
  • Every travel agency includes an Umrah kit in the type of package one selects. Others without a kit are advised to buy the kit for convenience.
  • Try to have a luggage bag with wheels for long walks in the airport will be mandatory.
  • Try to keep your luggage as light as possible since excess weight would be heavily fined.
  • ZamZam, the holy water is to be put in laminated bags and the lamination is chargeable to the pilgrim.
  • Since long walks are obligatory, wheelchairs are available for the handicapped and are not free of cost but are charged at reasonable rates.
  • No buckets are provided in hotels. If they are needed, they can be purchased from the hotel itself.
  • It is suggested to carry an extra set of Ehram in case of an emergency. There are possibilities of a bad weather in Mecca and Medina.
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