Religious Importance of Umrah

Religious Importance of Umrah

Religious practices like Prayers, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat and Umrah have their own importance in Islam, although Umrah is not a compulsory practice just like the others are but it has a special mandate in Islam as well. Muslims cannot perform Hajj all the year and every year all of the people cannot perform Hajj together, a specific limit number of people is allowed to perform Hajj every year. That’s why in Islam Muslims are allowed to perform Umrah anytime in the whole year. In this religious practice Muslims go to the Holy Mosques of Makah and Madina and perform Umrah and other Nafal prayers as well.

Due to this practice Muslims are able to understand all of the actions and practices which are commonly performed during Hajj. Most of the practices and actions in Umrah and Hajj are similar excluding some of exceptional practices. Other than that with the help of Umrah people get to know more about the places and localities of the Makah and Madina they also get familiar with the people, their rules and regulations and routes.

 On the same way the person who get a chance to perform Umrah he can visit many other places of the Holy cities which have a great historical background and importance in the history of Islam. All these places cannot be visits in the days of Hajj due to a number of people there and due to some administration issues and causes a number of places are being closed. And most of the time a person has not too many chances to explore the different places there, so in the Umrah stay a person have plenty of time to explore different places and facts around and he can get a chance to visit some of great places.

Apart from this, Umrah has another importance in the lives of Muslims and that is from the economical point of view. When people go for the Umrah then an unconscious process of trading start up, people from different countries go to the Saudi Arabia and bring a huge amount of currency with them. During their stay they spend money n different things like dine outs, hotel stays and purchasing of different gifts for their relatives. On the same way people also take some of the exceptional good along with them to sell them to the people in Saudi Arabia and also bought things which they can sell in their own states.

Performing Umrah can be a great opportunity for you and if you have planned to perform it then you should be budget conscious as well so you can save some money as well. By considering the special financial priorities of every person there are a number of cheap Umrah packages 2015 are offered by the numerous traveling agencies which you can find out easily n the web and at the general magazines or news papers as well in the advertisements. You just have to selects a best package and then prepare your stuff for the remarkable trip.

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