The Exchange of Islamic Gifts after Umrah

The Exchange of Islamic Gifts after Umrah

Umrah is a very simple process and Muslims gather in the house of Allah for the performance of Umrah. Umrah is performed in the state of Ihram. It is a very simple dress. It is unstitched two clothes of white color. However women can stitch Ihram. In state of Ihram, pilgrim cannot use any perfume, cut his nails, hairs, and any sexual activity. These restrictions are only in state of Ihram. Umrah usually finish in few hours while Hajj takes days to finish.

Umrah is an obligation and after this the pilgrim can buy gifts for his friends and relatives. Gift is a good source of showing your love and affection for your near and dear ones.  People give gifts to each other on many occasions to create love and feeling of liking between their family and friends. Once our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said, “Give gifts to one another, for gifts take away bitterness.” Pilgrims can bring back many Islamic gifts after the performance of Umrah and can exchange these gifts with their family and friends.

In Makkah and Madina, a lot of shopping malls, shops and stores are set up to facilitate the pilgrims. They can easily take Islamic gifts. Muslims from all around the world came to perform Umrah so shopping malls have all type of Islamic gifts that they can bring back.

Some famous Islamic gifts are prayer mats, prayer beads and Islamic jewellery. These all are easily available on all the shops of Saudi Arabia.

 A main and popular gift is the holy water called Aab-e- ZamZam all the pilgrims must take the holy water with them. Saudi Arabia is famous for dates as dates are grown at a large scale in Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims buy dates and present these things to their family members. Attars are also purchased and presented as an Islamic gift to the family members and friends. There are many verities of dates. Some are of high quality and some are normal. Dates are filled with chocolate, cream and cheese and of high quality. Visitors can select any verity top take back to homeland.

Pilgrims can also take Islamic books for their friends and family. They can take the books including the whole procedure of performing Umrah. If you want these amazing and holy gifts from House Allah, so get ready for the Umrah and get Cheapest Umrah Package from a reputed travel company. Choosing authentic and reputed tour Operator Company is always in the favor of a user; one you get Cheapest Umrah Package from their available packages and second the secured and peaceful travel that they provide you during your journey to the holy cities of Makah and Madina. These tour operators not only facilitate you during your journey but also after the competition of this journey by providing complete guidance for the performance of Hajj and Umrah. But you have to pay some extra amount to take these extra services from these travel companies.

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