Things to Consider Before Performing Umrah

Things to Consider Before Performing Umrah

Umrah and Hajj are the ritual acts of Muslims and it is a pilgrim that is performed in a series of symbolic acts to the lives of Hazart Ibrahim and his 2nd wife Hajra. This act is performed by the Muslims from all over the world in a specific month of zilhajj followed by the Eid UL azha. ( The slaughtering of herbivore).

Umrah is also called as the smaller or shorter form of Hajj. And if a person performs this he/she has to perform Hajj for sure. But on the other hand, we see that if a perfume is performing a hajj he/she has to perform 3 Umrah at that time as it is a compulsory part of the pilgrim.

When a person is willing to perform it, he/she  performs a Tawaf which means that we  have to do the circling era around the Khana Kaba at least 7 times. And this is performed in anticlockwise direction. Performing a sail is the 2nd part in which rapidly walking backward and forward between the hills of Safah and Marwah. These acts are followed by the 3rd one in which taqsir is done. This is actually the cutting of hair or a complete shave with head. But women do not do this as it is differently recommended in their case.

Once these pilgrims are performed, people are allowed to go out of their ihram (2 piece sheet to cover their selves. Aab-e-Zamzam is a well of water that is considered the holy water for Muslims, people prefer to drink and take bath from this water as it washes away all your sins in just no time.

Performing these kind of rituals are quite difficult for the families as it costs them a lot of money and you never know if they are charging you the right charges or not. So to solve this kind of confusion they reach the companies who are more trustworthy in this case and provide legal and affordable packages.

One of them has offered some packages that are listed below as a demo.

These packages are luxurious and comfortable not only for higher classes, but also for economic ones, so planes are booked accordingly as per choice of people. It has also been the case to be decided by airlines.

Umrah package includes:

  • Details of flights and airlines
  • Acquisitions of Umrah and its visa
  • Hotel information
  • Location of residence
  • Walking distance of the hotel to the places of Tawaf
  • Terms and conditions of any applied package
  • Rules and regulations
  • Accommodations
  • Assistance services
  • Airline services
  • Luggage transfer from Juddah towards the Makkah hotel residence

Meetings and arrivals per day.

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