Umrah 2014

Umrah 2014

Umrah is known to be a sacred journey to God’s house. There is no special time to perform Umrah. Any day of the year is perfect. Where Hajj is compulsory tradition to perform, Umrah is absolutely obligatory. Year 2014 is approaching and many of you would have charted out your plans for Umrah in the beginning of 2014.

We by our side have put in our efforts to specially lay out plans which suit your requirements for your journey of Umrah 2014. This year we have come up with attractive packages for Umrah 2014 and assure you an absolutely successful and pleasant religious journey. As you know Hajj is a must part in our life so if you want to perform perfect Hajj then should perform Umrah first and you should know how to perform Umrah so Click Here to find out how to perform Umrah.

In order to give our customers a brief view of the basic facilities that we offer in our packages we give you brochures which elaborate each plan clearly. Here we mention the main attractions in our package:

  • Visa

Visa to Saudi Arabia and charges for any formalities relating to your Visa will all be included in the package. This enables our customers to be free from any kind of difficulties or inconvenience.

  • Flight tickets

Air tickets are arranged by us which will be for departure from your home town to arrival to Saudi Arabia and vice versa.

  • In flight facilities

A comfortable flight is ensured with meals that will be served to you on the flight during your journey. In between refreshments would also be offered and some items would be made available inside the flight for your optional purchase.

  • Conveyance facilities

At the time of arrival at the Saudi Arabia airport, there will be coaches to transport you from the airport to the respective hotels that are allotted to the passengers in Mecca which we be near to the Haram.

  • 4 stars and 5 star Hotel bookings

Accommodations in 5 star and 4 star hotels are booked for all devotees. Now the type of hotel will depend upon the package that you have chosen.

  • Meal vouchers

On certain days meals will be organized by our agency. For this voucher will be handed to you at the time of check in at your hotel. You will be required to present these vouchers at the time of having your meals to avail the offer.

  • A tiny training session on Umrah

Although all devotees will be well aware and will possess knowledge about the dos and Don’ts of Umrah, but still a tour guide will give a little training to you just before leaving for Umrah to just brush up with the basic information.

  • Assistance at all time

We organize an assistant or rather a tour guide who will lead you all the way through your journey of Umrah so that if there are any kind of confusions are cleared timely and can be avoided.

  • Personal leisure time

After the Umrah is performed, each devotee will be given a leisurely time of 1 day which means that if you wish to personally visit Mecca you can do so at your personal expenses.

Our agency hereby wishes you a delightful and satisfactory journey with us.

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