Umrah Deals 2014

Umrah Deals 2014

Umrah is considered the most sacred pilgrim performed by Muslims from all over the world. At any time of the year this pilgrim can be performed and that’s why it is also named as lesser pilgrim or minor pilgrim. Umrah has two types as one of them is the type in which hajj is compulsory and the other types are kind of easy for Muslims as it not followed by the compulsion of hajj afterwards.

Cheap Umrah packages are designed for the pilgrims to make their trip affordable and easy. It has many limitations and accommodations. Transport to Makkah and Madinah includes several accommodations that are as follows.

• Makkah hotel, Hay at Al Taqwah or the similar one.
• Madinah hotel, Dar e Hijra or the similar one.
In these accommodations, some of the terms and conditions area also applied which have to be followed as per rule.

  1. Documents should be submitted before one month of departure
  2. Documents should be complete and well tested.
  3. All efforts are made to make passengers comfortable, but in any case of delay the company can change your hotel residency.
  4. Hotel booking is done by the company not by the person itself
  5. Hotels are booked when the checks are paid
  6. Time specifications are mentioned earlier
  7. Guidance and rules will be declared in the flight
  8. Hotel rates can be changed prior to any notice
  9. Packages are valid until the 25th of Shaban UL Mubarak
  10. Specific requests will be considered as per rule.

Documents required:
• A Health certificate is compulsory
• Original N.I.C
• If not 18 years old then the B form is necessary
• A photograph size of about 4 by 6 cm light blue background
• Original machine readable, valid for 8 months with at least 2 blank pages

These are some of the handsome deals and affordable ones for every kind of dealers. Airlines and flights are the major cause of worry in this case, whether they are reliable or not. Choosing the right one may cost you double, so first make it possible to consult it with any of your family member who already had used this kind of airline. For more information Visit Us.

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