Umrah For The Disabled With Cheapest Umrah Packages

Umrah For The Disabled With Cheapest Umrah Packages

Every year more and more individual Muslims are hurrying to perform the sacred journey of Umrah. Unlike Hajj, Umrah is not obligatory. It is, however, considered Sunnah and an act, which is liked by our Prophet (SAW) therefore, should be performed at least once in a lifetime. In order to perform this journey it is important for the person to be physically fit and financially stable, this is important because whilst undertaking an Umrah journey there a lot of physical challenges one faces. Many Muslims who have a physical or medical disability still wish to perform this journey and don’t let this weakness come in the way of stopping them. If suitable preparations are made, then there is no reason for why they should not go, especially if it’s something they wish to do. If this is the case, then you must ensure when discussing the different packages you let the service know about this. Remember: choosing from the cheapest Umrah packages can give you the same services as the others!


Once at the airport, there are several facilities in place for the disabled. Once the Umrah flights land there are many necessary services such as; escalators, wheelchairs, ramps and much more, just so disabled pilgrims don’t have a problem moving around at ease. When travelling in transport, your service providers will have made the necessary arrangements therefore you may be travelling in private transport such as taxi, etc. Making arrangements such as these in advance will make it easier for both you and the providers, as your mind will be at ease as everything will be ready for you.


The hotels you will stay at whilst you’re there are fully equipped with facilities for the disabled. So whilst you are here you will not face any problem and will be travelling and living stress – free, with pure concentration on your task. The Mosques also have the correct services for the disabled, such as; escalators and ramps to ensure wheelchair users can get around with ease. You will have access to free wheelchairs, but you must let the service know in advance, in order to avoid any last minute problems.


The kind of Umrah package you consider DOES NOT differ depending on YOU. It is more about the service you want and the budget you have decided. When selecting the right package you will be shown so many cheapest Umrah packages and some high – cost ones. Choosing which one best suits you will depend on what you would like and it is not necessary that the cheapest Umrah packages be of low quality as they are more budget oriented. Whilst on this trip you must remember it is not about luxury, you need to ensure and constantly remind yourself of the intention and why you are doing this. Selecting an Umrah package just because of the top quality service is something which must not be your main need as the cheapest Umrah packages provide the same services with more attention to the expenses.

If someone who is physically unfit and still wishes to perform Umrah then this shouldn’t stop them. However, they cannot due to some other reason then it is permissible to appoint someone who is physically stable to perform this blessed journey for them. This opportunity is out there for all Muslims by Allah (SWT) so every Muslim should strive to perform this journey.

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