Stay ahead with Umrah Packages 2014

Stay ahead with Umrah Packages 2014

Umrah is a devotional act performed by pilgrims in Mecca. It can be performed at any time of the year without being bound in terms of time and date. Various travel agencies have introduced Umrah packages 2014 for every type of people; be it a lower class, middle class or a higher class. Now every person can afford to visit Mecca and perform Umrah with divinity and purity of thoughts.

For those who have limited and basic knowledge of Umrah, we have prepared a few guidelines to perform Umrah. Kindly read through and follow it from the moment you’re departing from your country to Mecca:

  • Pilgrims who’ll be performing Umrah either from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh should wear Ehram (2 pieces of cloth that is not sewn – only for Men) from their respective countries as they’ll be heavily fined and have to sacrifice a goat within the boundary of Haram.
  • Spraying any kind of scent of fragrant spray on the body or clothes is considered to be unlawful.
  • Eating tobacco is not allowed.
  • Any sort of physical embarrassment to a person is totally wrong.

It is always better to look for Umrah packages via a friend or some known contact. These days many fraud travel agencies exist and provide fake benefits for Umrah packages. There is a standard for every valid travel operator namely IATA (International Air Transport Association). Make sure the travel operator you choose is IATA certified and also a member of Hajj Umrah Association.

Never go for an agent with the cheapest Umrah package but go for the one with the maximum facilities provided. Lower the rates are, lower the facilities. Pilgrims therefore have to face problems in this case since the hotels booked will also be far from Haram and not of a better quality.

Before getting your tickets booked, make sure you have a passport that’s valid for minimum 6 months at least. In case you don’t have a passport, apply for a new one and expect it soon.

In case of cancellations:

  • 30 days prior to the departure date, 25% of the tour cost will be charged to the passenger
  • 20 days prior to the departure date, 50% of the tour cost will be charged to the passenger
  • Less than 10 days prior to the departure date, 100% of the tour cost will be charged to the passenger

Make sure you clear your payments before 15 days of departure and keep the receipt with you in case of any payment issues.

Umrah packages 2014 are offered by numerous travel operators in various countries for customers to choose wisely amongst them. These packages may also include group packages, that is, travelling to Mecca to perform Umrah within a group of different families. Co-ordination is made with every seat in the group. These tour packages include a holy visit to Mecca as well as Medina within the time limit of 7-10 days. Travelers are safely transferred from one country to Mecca and vice-versa. Visit us for umrah packages 2014.

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