Umrah Packages From London

Umrah Packages From London

Seeking for the best Umrah packages from London? We are sure to fulfill your demands as per your requirements. We have an assortment of Umrah packages from London. Our agency offers the industry’s finest and terrific packages. In the past couple of years we have been well known among pilgrims for our best deals for this spiritual journey.

As we know that going for Umrah is a very special and sacred journey in the lives of Muslims, hence keeping this in mind we have charted out the travel packages from London. Our complete and the customized plans include all facilities for the pilgrims.

To make it simple for the readers to understand, we lay down the basic components of our Umrah packages from London:

  • Keeping in mind the needs of devotees, we arrange accommodations in hotels in Makah and Medina both, arranging Visa for all devotees, economical flights, road transportation from the hotel to the destination, meals, etc.
  • There are 3 types of packages depending on the cost. Deluxe, Second class and Economy. The types have been specially contrived so that every person is able to afford the journey without a second thought.
  • Devotees who opt for the deluxe class are accommodated in 5 star hotels in Makah and Medina both with the best possible facilities for the price of this package is certainly the highest among other packages.
  • Facilities provided in the deluxe pack will be 3 times meals, with unlimited tea and coffee pouches, Air conditioned rooms with a double bed, mini fridge, sofa couch in the room to accommodate any visitor and the best view side room.
  • In the second class package accommodation for the pilgrims is arranged in 3 star hotels inclusive of some free of cost meals on days which is specified in the package brochure.
  • Hotel rooms will contain a double bed, 2 full day meals free at each Makah and Medina, Coffee and tea swatches along with milk powder and sugar will be kept in the room thrice a day.
  • A.C coaches are available for both deluxe and second class passengers for transportation from the hotels to the final destination and back again.
  • The economy class is specially designed to lower rates so that this journey is made affordable of many more devotees.
  • Accommodation in and 3 star hotel is arranged for the economy class.
  • These rooms come with a single bed or double bed option depending upon the package selected under this class.
  • As far as meals are concerned, one day breakfast at the time of arrival and one lunch is included in this package. Tea, coffee is served once in a day to all devotees.
  • Transportation from Jeddah to Makah and Medina is taken care by our agency.
  • A guide is always present with the devotees.
  •  Flights directly take off from London to the Saudi.
  •  Visa for each devotee is arranged by us.
  • If you want to know more our services and packages then visit here.

With the above Umrah packages for London, we hope to fulfill the requirements of every devotee wanting to go for Umran.

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