What is Umrah?

What is Umrah?

Umrah is actually a Tawaf or a visit to a populated place; the Tawaf in Arabic language means complete the circles around the KABA. This act is followed by SAI performed between AL-SAFA and AL-Marah in Sharia. This is done after assuming ihram, in a place in hills. Umrah is sometimes called as Minor Pilgrim or it can also be called as lesser pilgrim in other languages. On the other hand the Hajj is considered as major pilgrim and it is compulsory for every able bodied Muslim. The condition is he/she can afford it. The Umrah is not a compulsory but it is highly recommended.



Performing Umrah in a suitable way makes people to face millions of problems. There is not only one issue. There are thousands of other factors that should be kept in my mind before even thinking of performing a Umrah. One of these problems is easy and affordable packages for customers. Customers can be of many types. And packages are too many to be selected. Some of the companies are well reliable but some are not trust worthy. Some companies just catch money from the fool customers and then disappear in a fraud case. So before choosing any package keep that in mind that weather or not you are choosing the right one or not, as it makes the huge difference. Among many companies there comes a name of DAWN TRAVELERS. This is one of the trust worthy and the most reliable company by some regular customer. Weather it is, or not, can be checked on your own.



This company provides packages from all over the world including America, USA and other countries. They provide trust worthy service to their clients. Among other qualities, one of their quality is that they provide customers with comfort zone and affordability. Million of pilgrims are satisfied by the and are expecting much more from them. Their highest priority is that they provide pilgrims with cheap Umrah package so that they can attract more and more customers by this golden attraction thing. And to some extent they are successful in this. This company fulfills the entire minor and of course major requirements of muslims like pilgrims can visit the Makah and Madinah close to their residency.
Dawn travelers provide 3 different kinds of packages:
• One of them is referred as Economy Package
• Other is named as 3 Star and definitely the next one as 5 Star.
• Next comes with the title of family Umrah package
• And for some elite class or upper class family here comes the Luxury package.

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