With whom Women can perform Umrah?

With whom Women can perform Umrah?

Women can also perform Umrah at any time of the year. They have to follow some rules and regulation for performing Umrah. Women cannot travel alone or with any non Mahram person. She is not allowed to travel by any mode like bus, car, airplane or ship without her Mahram. Now the question is who is Mahram? Mahram is a person who cannot marry with you like your father, brother etc.

Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas said that our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said:

“A man (Na-Mahram) for a woman should not stay with a woman when there is no other or in seclusion. Neither a woman should travel without a Mahram. Hearing this, a man said; O, Apostle of God, I have been enrolled for Jihad while my wife has proceeded for Hajj. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said; you go to Hajj with your wife”. (Bukhari & Muslim)

This is compulsory for all the women to travel with their Mahrams, whatever age they have. Some women think that travel with other women has no problem. This is wrong and is prohibited. Women who travel alone or without their husband or Mahram are committed sin. They became sinners as they violate the rule. There is no benefit or virtues for such women. They commit a sin as it is not allowed.

Mahram according to Islam

Mahram is a person to whom a woman is not allowed to marry. Mahram persons are father, brother, maternal or paternal grandsons, son in law etc. if the husband of one’s sister dies or give divorce then he is also non Mahram as he can marry with you. So women’s brother in law is also a Non Mahram. A person or Mahram whose character is doubtful, women should avoid traveling with him. Women’s adopted father, son and brothers are also in the list of non Mahrams.

Ibn Abbas narrated that prophet (S.A.W) said:

“A woman is not to travel except with a Mahram, and a man is not to enter upon her except if she has a Mahram”.

Umrah and Hajj have a great importance in Islam and each Muslim want to perform Umrah and Hajj. They want to visit the house of Allah. Umrah vanish all the sins committed by a person. Umrah is performed with the intention of getting blessings of Allah and for more virtues but if a person violates the rules, he becomes a sinner.

Women should perform this Sunnah and holy travel of Makkah and Madina with their Mahrams. If they don’t so, they will become sinners and our religion also not allowed the women to travel alone without any Mahram. So when you fly for holy city of Makah, keep Cheap Umrah Flights in the mind. Because many of the tour operators including government of the every region. So selecting Cheap Umrah Flights for the performance of Umrah can further reduce your travel cost. You need to ask your tour operator whether he offers for Cheap Umrah Flights or not.

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